Custom Trips

Custom – it’s our specialty.

Definition: (adjective) “made or done to order for a particular customer.” Yep, not only do we love creating an adventure that is tailor-made to fit your dreams and goals, we excel at it.

Four reasons to choose a custom adventure:

  1. Custom adventures take into account the person you are and also the personalities of all of the people on your team: husband, family, school group, etc. Knowing this we can pick the appropriate activities for everyone.
  2. You know the people going on your adventure and for the most part you know how they will behave. Meeting new people that you know nothing about can be really cool – or really crappy. Maximize your potential for success by stacking the deck with good people.
  3. Through the process of creating your adventure you are actively involved in the final product – something that really fits your needs and dreams.
  4. A custom adventure has the best success ratio for merging your expectations with the actual trip outcomes.

The process of creating your custom adventure:
(Let’s start out with the following questions)

  1. What is your adventure dream location and why?
  2. What activities, sites and interactions are a must for you?
  3. Who will you be taking with you? Does everyone feel the same about #1 & #2?
  4. What is your timeframe? Do the weather/roads/festivals accommodate what you want to do during that time of year?

(And there are more…)

We need to know what excites you, thrills you, terrifies you and inspires you. What are your team’s special needs and who has physical limitations that needs to be addressed? Where are the landmines in the group (aka. who doesn’t get along so well, who needs their beauty sleep to be a functioning team player, who is the drama queen/king, and so on…)? Our goal is to match you with the perfect adventure for YOU AND YOUR TEAM, and not just something that we have on the menu, for after all, we are pretty darn good chefs.

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